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                   Finally, Samsung decides to launch the world,s first 5G smartphone. The Samsung decides to launch on April 5.The galaxy s10 launch in hometown of Samsung that is South Korea. They also announced that it is launch in the US in April too.

Price at Rs. 83990

Samsung Key Specification :

  • Model - Galaxy S10 X 5G 
  • operating system - Android v9.0 
  • RAM - 8 gb 
  • Internal memory - 256 gb 
  • Processor - Octa core [2.73 GHz, Dual Core + 2.31 GHz] 
  • display - 6.7 inches (17.02 cm) 
  • Camera12 - MP + 12 MP + 16 MP Triple Primary CamerasLED Flash10 MP Front Camera 
  • Battery4500 - mAh Fast Charging USB Type-C port 

Samsung General feature : 

  • Launch Date -April 5, 2019 (expected) 
  • Brand - Samsung 
  • Model - Galaxy S10 X 5G 
  • SIM Slot(s) - Single SIM, GSM 
  • SIM Size - SIM1: Nano 
  • Fingerprint Sensor - yes 
  • Height - 162.6 mm 
  • Width - 77.1 mm 
  • Thickness - 7.9 mm 
  • Weight - 198 grams 
  • Colors - Prism White 
  • Waterproof - yes Water resistant 
  • Screen Size - 6.7 inches (17.02 cm) 
  • Screen Resolution - 1440 x 3040 pixels 
  • Architecture - 64 bit 
  • Other Sensors - Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Barometer, Compass,

First of all talk about its advantages:

Bandwidth will be increased:

Those who do not know, tell them that bandwidth is the space or place that is used to access the data of users, download files, view pages on the Internet, and watch the video. The more lower the bandwidth, the device will work as more slowly. A great advantage of 5G technology is that more bandwidth will be provided in it. Like 3G technology, it takes a lot of time to load any web page. But 5G will not have such a problem. Even if many users are using data at the same time, there will be no problem with data speed.

More bandwidth means faster speed than before:

This bandwidth will be able to use more users. In such a situation, users may be worried about the speed on the 5G network. Let us know that on 5G you will be able to have a faster speed than before. If talking about 3G and 4G networks, users had to spend a lot of time downloading files on these networks and watching videos. But this will not happen in 5G. Because at 5G, users will be able to browse all the web pages and watch the video and download the files, at all times faster speed. In such a situation, if every device gets more network than ever before, Smart Devices will be able to work faster than ever before.

Now talk about its losses:

More bandwidth means less coverage:

The 3G network biggest advantage is that its cell towers are capable of covering large areas using fewer cell. Thats why the 3G network does not require more bandwidth. After this, when 4G technology coming in, its sales produced more bandwidth, due to that the coverage of each cell reduced the radius. With this, users have experienced lot of trouble facing the coverage on the 4G network compared to 3G networks. In such a situation, the continuation of the 5G network will continue. Easy to understand, after switching from 3G to 4G, users felt the problem of coverage in 4G. Because the 3G coverage area was high.

Radio Frequency Can Become Hassle:

Radio Frequency is used to communicate with satellite, cell tower etc. Frequency is measured in heartz and the radio frequency is measured in the GigaHeartz range. It was found that some time ago that the data on the 5G network would be transmitted from five to six GigaHeartz. Let us know that this radio frequency range is already filled with other signals, such as the satellite link, in which it does not have space for other signals. In short, radio frequency can also be a big problem for 5G or also environment. Because 5G may have to face difficulties in getting satellite signals.

However, there is considerable time for the 5G tech rollout now. So much information about it can be found now. This network of a new generation has some features and flaws. But until this technology launches.

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