what is VPN (virtual private network) ? | How VPN works ?

What is VPN (virtual private network)?

           Here you can understand that exactly what is VPN with it's working, implementation technique and where it is implemented with some example in easy language.

what is vpn

                          The sharing some stuff through wifi, Bluetooth etc.that is an internal network that is not connected with the outside world that is there is no link with the outside world.

                       But in VPN  it is totally different ,suppose that you are searching for some website or consider this web , it is stored in the data center of google,or facebook or yahoo which is located in united state or India, France, England due to that you search or read that web.consider you search www.google.com then you request will be send using your router,then the server of Google respond and you are seen homepage of google on your screen. On the internet every device such as router, modem or any website, the hub has a particular address assigned, using that address everything will do on the internet. When you search anything on the browser, your IP(Internet protocol) address goes to sever, after that server will be answering you. It has some advantages and disadvantage, the advantage is that using this technique you can use the internet and this is the principal in which the internet works. But there is a lot of disadvantage such as your internet provider track your IP address and find that, what are you doing? which web you will visit? One point is that your government also make an eye on your every movement.

                        Also consider when you are in open WiFi network, we become very happy that we are in an open wifi network, but using that network that owner can hack your device and get the data, hence your privacy will be lost. That is the things where VPN (Virtual private network) can use or work. Using a VPN we can solve all the problem which are listed above.

What is VPN| How VPN works?

                         Suppose that you have a VPN and the VPN server is anywhere in the outside country. The network between you and that server becomes an encrypted network. When using VPN you can request any service then your request can send using this network and service provider or this website understand that you are in this server location which is any other country he cannot trace your original location. Hence using VPN you can securely use any content.No-one can harm your privacy or can hack you.

What is VPN | Where VPN can available?
                      On play store, app store,or on internet lots of VPN apps, services available which are in free, premium, trial or paid. In free VPN there is a question mark on your security or it is not so secure. but you can try paid, according to your budget which really helps you to keep your privacy.

what is vpn

What is VPN ? Benefits of VPN

  • You can securely transfer sensitive privacy data.
  • Access restricted or foreign websites, which is not available in your country,
  • Hides your browser activity from local networks or ISPs.
  • You can remain anonymous on the Internet, due to vpn your IP address is not detected. 
  • Protects your data from hackers from steals.
  • You can use Wi-Fi safely
  • People are also using VPN to download from Torrent because many ISP blocks these websites.

What to Do With Free VPN:

  • You should not have net-banking.
  • Gmail should not be used because Authentication of the rest of the websites is connected to your Gmail or Email.
I hope that after reading this post, you have come to understand that a  what is VPN.

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