5 best app to watch TV or movies in an android phone

         Android Market has completely captured the markets leaving behind the Java, Symbian and even the I-Phones. And with the advancement of technology, users have started to watch movies on their mobile smartphones. We bring you the list of Best Android Apps to watch movies or TV on your Mobile phones.



            Viewster consists of the large collection of movies in its list and the best part is that all the movies are free of cost. But, there has been a lot of complaint about the fact that not all the movies present on the app are running. Also, the fact that for all those interested in Grade-B movies, you cannot afford to go anywhere else. This should be your dream destination.


The best part of the Flipps app is that it allows one to watch the movies on Mobile as well as on TV. Yeah, you got it right; one can stream something on the mobile and watch it on the TV. But one should make sure that while using Flipps application you should have a good Internet connection. With the help of this application TV shows or daily-soaps can be watched and along with this, it has a good collection of movies.

MoTube – Free

             MoTube is another amazing android application to watch a movie but the main problems faced by the users of this application have been the amount of content. One cannot expect to get all the latest blockbusters in a single application but the fact that the stream quality is really good making it a worthy app. If you find a watchable or your desired movie in this application then this is the best application to play it.

Movie Tube Ex – Free

              Movie Tube Ex gets the fourth place in this list of mine and much of the attraction of the application goes to the way the movies are listed in the app. So if you are confused about the movie to be watched, this will list the movies in the best way to enable you to select the best movie. The application consists of three basic formats or fields that are movies, animations, and cartoons, also not to forget the icons that are used for listing are big.

Hubi – Free

              Hubi is applications or rather say a tool that can be used to watch TV or movies on your Android handset. The best part of this application is that it allows you to watch a movie even if you have gone offline (may be due to low network coverage or any reason) as it helps in downloading a movie from the link which we are using to watch the movie. The best part is that it can also stream videos from the restricted sites and that too without consulting another app.

           The above is a list of top and amazing applications to watch TV or movies on your Smartphone, so get an application installed on your handset and personalize your own television.
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