Advantages & Disadvantages of rooting

Advantages & Disadvantages of rooting

Advantages & Disadvantages of rooting

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       In our daily lives we must have come across this so called word rooting. Some of us get the meaning while most of us have a poker face when we hear about this word. So I will try to enlighten about the meaning of the word rooting and for what purpose it is done.

         So what does rooting means after all?? Well it’s the word used to describe the process by which one gains the control of his/her device ‘s administrative commands and functions of the operating system being used (or) even in simpler terms to control your device in a way only the maker of the phone can.


Custom software (ROMs) – 

Well the technology is changing within a wink of eyelids now a days and we may face a situation where our buyied device seems to be outdated within a few months or even weeks. So here ROM comes to our rescue . It is basically a software which runs our device and once we have a customary ROM we can bring our device up to the level of the current Android OS. 

Own themes – 

Well themes are basically it’s the so called graphic which is displayed on our device and with the help of rooting we can customize it according to our needs and taste completely. 

Speed and battery life – 

One can drastically increase the speed of our device with the help of custom ROMs which easily available it not just increases the speed of the device but also increases the battery life of the device. 

Voice quality – 

One can increase the voice quality and connectivity of the device by improving the baseband which is actually controlling the radio on our device and this can only be done through rooting. 

Device backup – 

Well none of the phones have a feature of backing up all the files and apps which are the thing which hurts the users the most. One can easily backup everything on the device with the help of rooting and then installing a backup app from the store.


      It is always said that everything thing will have a good side and a bad side. It’s the law of nature and it also applies on rooting.

Some of the reasons one should avoid it completely are – 

Once a device is rooted none of the manufactures would touch the device for repairing or any other purpose and even the warranty may be voided because rooting is considered as a forbidden in the electronics world and is considered as a offense by the manufacturers. 

Bricking – 

Bricking is messing up our device in such a manner that the software is ineligible for any further use and its worth is not more than that of a brick. We may even have to get another one as after rooting all the warranty provided by the manufacturer is voided. 

Security concern – 

While we are rooting our android device we may accidentally root up a malicious software which might harm the device. We while uploading such apps give complete control of our device to the controller, so one should always have some protection like anti-virus to help avoid it.


       I think I might have enlightened most of the people who couldn’t get the meaning of rooting earlier from the context I have discussed till now.

        So I would like to say in the end that rooting is like a blessing for all the android device users but we must be careful while using the blessing as there is a limit for everything and there should be some precautionary measures be taken for our well being.
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