How to protect facebook from hacking |Best way to protect facebook.

                     In today's era, facebook hacking is a common thing, after hacking, hackers can make a misuse of your facebook profile, you can not even imagine that you can fall in big trouble because of facebook hack. Due to hackers, many people also avoid making accoun on social networking sites such as Facebook, instagram etc. Hackers only take advantage of your laziness. If you are careful then the hacking of social sites account is very low. If you follow some tips. Going to Facebook can be protected from hackers.
How to protect facebook from hacking |Best way to protect facebook.

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1)Hackers often reach out to you on the pretext of fascinating and engaging posts on Facebook, in which most of the posts are photographed, please keep in mind that avoiding giving feedback on any unknown posts.

2)If you see a message on the Facebook wall that you suspect, then click that message to report Abuse.

3)Before using the Facebook application, check that the application is missing the information of your profile, making any application for hackers is very easy to get your personal information, so use only a simple application.

4)If a person enters your personal information on Facebook, do not forget this information by forgetting it at any time.

5)Avoid accepting anonymous Facebook Friend Requests.

6)When you update your status on Facebook, in which you also upload photos, videos, etc. be sure to see who can see it.

             It is not possible to talk about the internet and not get the name of Facebook, it is not possible to do so, before buying young mobile phones in today's time, it definitely checks whether Facebook will run in it or not. The advantage of Facebook's popularity is raised by some unscrupulous elements, by hacking the Facebook account, stole personal information from others and either make them public or use them incorrectly. Because of that the Facebook users face a lot of trouble. Since Facebook is a social networking site and most users are putting their personal information on it, such as names, addresses, e-mail IDs, personal photos, videos, mobile numbers, etc, so it must be more secure, even if your information is in the wrong hands Do not fall in.

            Your personal information is so popular by Facebook that your friends and acquaintances can easily find you, you can easily connect with social networking, but caution is also necessary. There are several cases in which the personal information from the Facebook account has been stolen and made public. The news came in the past that there was a technical failure on Facebook, which made the e-mails and mobile numbers of about 60 million users public. For this reason, Facebook launched some new features in its privacy settings, let's know how to use Facebook without hacking-

Know about facebook privacy settings

When you update or upload your status or post photos, videos, etc. be sure to see who can see it. It is  controlled by you or someone interfare that , by just clicking on the post settings button below, you will find options like Public, Friends, Only Me and Custom.
If you tick Public, then the status shared by you will be made public, that is, everyone can see it on the internet. If you tick on friends then only your friends will be able to see that status and if you tick on Only me then only you will be able to see the content you uploaded. Apart from this, one option is more and it is Custom. With this option, you can do this setting to see who can see your status, you can also give the name of one person or young person or block any person or young person.

Always log off your Facebook account

Remember that after logging in with Facebook, log in to your Facebook account, it is important to do this at cybercafes and other places otherwise it can be misused by any person, if you think at any place, If you have not logged off the Facebook account, then immediately change the password of your Facebook account. To change the password, go to account settings >> General >> password >> edit.

Check Active Sessions

The last time you had opened your Facebook account, it was found here, as well as this was used in any browser and in which operating system, along with that the computer's IP address is also known as It used to be. For this go to account settings >> Security settings >> Active Sessions.

Quickly backup your Facebook data

If you want to back up your Facebook data, go to account settings >> general >> Download a copy, this allows you to backup all of your Facebook data in your computer.
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