Top apps that you must have in your android device

          It has been a boom of applications on the android app market since the beginning of the market. Now we have a large variety to choose from than ever before and it’s almost impossible to make out which app we want to have for our device. We have many options for every specific task like for antivirus we have Avg, Norton, etc. So today I will try and help you out in making some apps for your device.

Top apps that you must have in your android device

Android applications :

1)Swiss Army Knife

       It proves to be a handy app in times of need as it contains many small things which may come in use anytime unexpectedly. It includes a unit converter, stopwatch, flashlight, compass, bubble level, calculator, magnifying glass, mirror, timer, and ruler.


      We browse through the internet very often and we also come across things which we want to save for future use or want to have a look at it later. Well, it will be a very daunting task usually but with the help of a pocket app, we can easily save such things and use them later.


      There may be a thousand of players available on the app market but this player has its own mark. You can play almost every format video with the help of this player and it provides the most user-friendly interface of all.


      This app can come to you handy while making notes and keeping records. It helps you to make voice records and save photos and directly upload them to the cloud so that it can be further used by you on other devices too. It comes free of cost on the android market.

5)Music maniac  

      This app proves to be heaven for music lovers as one can easily listen to any mp3 file in languages like Nigerian, Spanish, etc... The size of files a small and to great quality and the app is also free to market without any ads.

6)AVG Antivirus 

        Any Android device is always prone to malware and other security problems. This app comes into play from that as one can protect his device from all threats and can also find the location of the device in case it’s lost or stolen. Further, it comes absolutely free on the market.

7)Du battery saver 

          The biggest problem faced by Android users is battery backup which never seems to be enough. This app can help you with this problem as it helps optimize your device and save the important battery for you. It is also available free of cost on the market.

8)Internet speed master 

       We might not be getting optimum speed on our 2G network and many can’t get access to WiFi and 3G. Here this app will help you because it almost doubles your internet speed but it works well with rooted devices but doesn’t worry it works for the not rooted ones as well.

9)Merriam Webster 

        We come across with the need of a dictionary every day in our lives and to have a dictionary in our pocket, its like dream come true. On the market, there are apps available but Merriam is the best and a must-have.

10)Print share       

         There are many people who have to print a dozen pages every day and print share is perfect for them it helps a person print directly from the device with the help of any printer.
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