Very Important security and other Tips For Android Smart Phone

Very Important Tips For Android Smart Phone
                     Nowadays the Android operating system is the most used operating system for the Android smartphone. There have many advanced features in the Android operating system. Many users suffering from confused to give advance setting in this operating system.

In this post, I went to share important things for smartphone users. How to make strong safety for your android smartphone.

Great Technique To Keep Safety Your Android device

1. Make Low Brightness:
2. Make Low Whiteness
3. New App Shortcut Disable
4. Turn On The “Do Not Disturb” option.
5. Setup The Find My Mobile App
                 Nowadays many people use the Android smartphone. The Android smartphone makes our life more enjoyable. But every user does not know how to take excellent technique. So in this post, I want to share some tips and techniques for keeping your phone safe.

1. Make Low Brightness:

The high brightness makes the battery low quickly. So we should need to keep low brightness using settings. You can also use the “Auto Brightness” system. This is an awesome feature in any Android smartphone. If you want more focus so keep brightness about 40%-50%. It is very helpful. These tips help you to give longtime battery backup and awesome photos.

2. Make Low Whiteness

The “Amoled Skin” have your  Android? It costs a lot of battery charge easily. If you want to solve this problem so, always try to use black wallpaper.
If you use the “No Wallpaper” setting so your phone screen will be black automatically. Use the Black screen in the Lock Screen and the Home Screen.

3. New App Shortcut Disable

If you download any apps and install them in your Android device. Then you can generally display the shortcut icon in your front or home screen. You can easily remove it from the home screen. You can also able to show any apps shortcut permanently. So go to settings. Then click on “App Icon To Home Screen” and deselect this option.

4. Turn On The “Do not Disturb” option.

When you make your Android phone silent mode at night, but you can see your phone screen bringing.This might make many problems for sleeping. If you want to free from this problem to use the “Do not Disturb”. Now you can easily feel free from this problem.

5. Setup The Find My Mobile App

              You are using your android phone for a long time. So you will like your phone obviously. But suddenly when you have lost your phone, so it is the one of bothersome problem. Every smartphone user will face this problem when they lost their phone. But you can get back your phone using some apps on your phone. You can do this using third-party apps. You can do it using the android device manager option. If you want to do this work so you have to need to go to Google settings. You can get details about that from the Google support page. You can know it easily about it.
             So first install this app on your phone. Then login from any computer or android phone. Then sign in here using your Email account. When you have login successfully, then you can see your phone location on Google map. You can easily trace or find your mobile phone using this system. You can also able to give all your android phone easily. And you also able to lock your phone and delete any data from your phone.
              Many of the smartphones use third-party apps for this. Go to setting and go to the lock screen and security option. There you can see an option. This options name is “Find My Mobile”. This setting also helps you to send information from theft.
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