10 Best Instagram Tips And Tricks | 2019

  Instagram is a World's number one image sharing social platform in which daily millions of user share photos with whole world. Today, every Smartphone has Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. Due to it's popularity many people have lots of question associated with the instagram. Like how to hack Instagram, how to extend followers on Instagram, how to increase Instagram likes etc. You can read this posts from our Instagram Series to get answers to all these questions. 

What is Instagram, how to use Instagram, how to create an account on Instagram, we have all been told in the Instagram Series. So today we are going to talk about a slightly different and intresting topic. You use daily Instagram, but still there are some useful tips and tricks which you may hardly know about. So in today's post, we are going to tell you about 10 interesting tips and tricks related to Instagram so Be sure to read the post till the end.

10 Best Instagram Tips And Tricks 

10 Best Instagram Tips And Tricks | 2019

10 Best Instagram Tips And Tricks 

(1) How to increase Likes and Followers on Instagram

   This is the question related to instagram which is being more searched on google. Everyone wants to become popular by getting more followers and likes on their instagram account. But it is not possible for every comman men. In such a situation, he wants to pick up any tricks and increase his followers and likes. You can do this by using online websites or by using mobile applications. For more information, this is the detailed Post Read: How to increase like and follower on instagram? 

(2)How to Instagram Photo and Video

   On Instagram we can share photos and videos, likes and comments, as well as use lots of fun features but can not save instagram photo and video. Many people get frustrate with this and think that there is no solution to this problem but friends do not frustrate. You can easily download or save any photos and videos of instagram by doing it with an application. Can you want more information, Read this post: How to download instagram photos and videos?

(3) How to use two instagram in a mobile

   Sometimes there is a need to run two instagram accounts in the same mobile due to some work. In such situations, we are confused how to use 2 instagram accounts in a mobile. You can use applications like 99 Accounts or parallel space application to double the app. You can use it by cloning any app. For more information, please visit:  How to use two instagram and two facebook account in a same mobile?

(4) How To Find Instagram Account From Mobile Number

   In Instagram, we can find a person's name by searching his instagram account or connecting the facebook account, but you know that there is a way you can get the find the instagram account by mobile number.
Steps to be follow :
10 Best Instagram Tips And Tricks | 2019
  • first of all you open the Instagram account then open your profile by clicking profile icon.
  • Now, click right side corner three lines.
  • Then click find people.
  • As shown in the screenshot click contact and find what you want.

(5) How to unfollow everyone on Instagram

      Sometimes you use Auto Followers Softwares to increase the high follower, due to which your following list also automatically increases. So if this has happened to you or is happening then you should use the unfollow application. You can visit Google play store and search unfollow for Instagram you will get many great applications which can unfollow one click all instagram following.

(6) How To Build a Business Profile On Instagram

    Some people are working on internet like me and they want to doing business related work. Such people related to business always need promotion of their products and services. All the ways of online and offline marketing are used for this. Facebook and Instagram are the best platform for Social Marketing. On Facebook, people can easily do the marketing but can not do it on Instagram because they do not have the proper information to promote business on instagram. For more information in detail Read : How to create instagram buisness account 2019.

(7) How To Link Instagram to All Social Sites

  If you want to promote a product or service, or you want to share photos uploaded on Instagram to all social sites in just one click, then your instagram account can link to all social sites with the help of a feature . Follow the simple steps given here to link the account. 
  • Open Instagram 
  • Go To Profile 
  • Choose 3 Dot Options 
  • Scroll Down 
  • Settings 
  • Click On Linked Accounts!

You will see a list of social sites once you click on Linked Accounts. From this, click on any social site you want to link and login and link to the account.

(8) How To Keep Instagram Account Secure

 Today everyone is worried because of hacking and want to keep their social accounts safe by avoiding hacking. That's why different types of security facilities are being given on every social platform today. Two Factor  Authentication is the best way to secure your account. After activating it, your account will be totaly secured.
Follow the steps given here to enabe it. 
  • Open Instagram 
  • Profile 
  • Click 3 Dot Option 
  • Scroll Down & Go to Account section
  • Click On Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Now click on the Require Security Code to enable.

(9) How to remove numbers from Instagram or how to see online

      Many people are asking me on facebook how to extract someone's number from instagram and see online on instagram. So friends, you have to wait a bit longer, because very soon you will be able to add the instagram online showing feature which you can look like online facebook and whatsapp. And secondly, there is no trick related to instagram that you can remove someone's mobile number. So do not waste your time in order to remove the number in the waste and enjoy the real tips and tricks given here.

(10) Use popular hashtags:

Based on the industry you are in, there are popular Instagram hashtags that can be used to attract more attention to your photos. The best way to find popular hashtags for your industry is to use Google!

10 Best Instagram Tips And Tricks 

If you know any tips and tricks related to Instagram, please comment down and share it with us. If you liked Post, share it with your friends on social sites. Meet Take Care! In your next post!
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