10 Free And Best Android Camera App For 2019

            As the demand for a better camera phone has increased, in the same way, people want to have good photography or say that they want to capture every moment of life in his smartphone. All the world's smartphone brands are investing more money, better technology, and more attention in the Android camera. But despite this, users are not satisfied with the camera of many smartphones. It is also good because the desire for better should always be in everyone.
        However, there is good news for the Android phone user. There are many camera apps on Google Play, which can give you a better Photo Experience. The special thing is that these apps are free. There are many options to improve photo quality and photo editing which can be easily used. Here is the list of the best android camera app.

Best Android Camera App:

#1.google camera

Best Android Camera App

   The google camera is an android camera app that is developed by Android which is its special feature. If you do not have Google's Nexus smartphone then you can install Google Camera. Because it is already preinstalled in all the google pixel devices.  Although this is the same as the pre-installed camera app on your Android phone. But there are also many basic and advanced features. It,s special feature is Lens Blur mode, which lets you focus and defocus objects like a DSLR camera.
Best Android Camera App


  • Video Stabilization
  • Smart burst
  • Image Location
  • HDR+
  • Motion


  • Portrait
  • AR Stickers
  • Google Lens
  • Slow Motion
  • Panorama
  • Photo Sphere

#2.Camera FV-5

Best Android Camera App
Camera FV-5 is also a professional camera application for Android. It has DSLR like manual control. By adjusting the settings of the camera in this app, you can easily click the professional photo. The only limit is your imagination and creativity! In this App, you can take the image in many formats such as JPEG, PNG and RAW DNG. It,s special feature is it take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 30 seconds.


  • DSLR-like viewfinder display
  • All photographic parameters are easily adjustable and always at hand
  • Full-fledged exposure bracketing
  • Long exposure support
  • The most advanced electronic viewfinder
    Best Android Camera App

#3.Camera MX

Best Android Camera App
Camera MX is also a fantastic Camera App, you can also take photos as well as edit the photos in this app. Along with basic features such as Zoom, Timer, Tap to Focus it has an FX menu, with many filters and frames. There are special features that are contrast, color, and balance white balance.

Other Camera MX notable feature:

  • It Supports 16:9 recordings 
  • It is tablet compatible 
  • Scene mode-selfie, night, sunset, snow, landscape, etc
  • 500MB online album – Magix
  • It Sends photos as postcards 
  • One shot shortcut on the home screen
    Best Android Camera App

#4.DSLR camera pro

Best Android Camera App
DSLR camera pro one of the best and most used android camera app. It is totally copied of an actual DSLR camera in terms of specification and capability. Using this app you can take the photograph as a comparable DSLR camera. It is a user-friendly app in which the user can easily interact with its tool. It is paid app.

Some of its great feature:

  • On or off flash mode
  • Give DSLR effect
  • Required two clicks to capture a photo - one click is to focus and second is for capture
  • Detecting face automatically
  • Support front camera
  • Offers different color effects

Supported Android version:

  • Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)
  • Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)
  • Android Marshmallow (6.0.0–6.0.1)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)
  • KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)
    Best Android Camera App

#5.Manual Camera

Best Android Camera App

This camera app is beneficial for those mobile phone users, who also know basic information about the camera and photography. The camera setting can be set manually through this app in android phone, therefore, it is known as Manual camera. The manual camera is the world's first and best android camera app with full manual control.  

Feature of Manual camera app:

  • Manual ISO
  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Gps
  • Manual White Balance
  • Gridlines
  • Manual Exposure Compensation
  • Manual Focus Distance
    Best Android Camera App

#6.Camera 360 

Best Android Camera App
      Camera 360 is one of the best Android Camera apps, which is absolutely free and is the most downloaded app on the Google Play store. So you can think about its popularity only by this thing. This Android Camera App is a very special app because in that there are several shot modes in it. Through this app, you can do better photography with quick and short editing. It is equipped with features such as special effects and tilt-shift cameras, this app also has a selfie mode for selfie fans.
Best Android Camera App

#7.Footej camera 

Best Android Camera App
Footej camera app is very easy to use with its many special features. The most special thing about the footage camera app is it has two camera API support. Using this API, you can control the camera automatically and manually. You can manually control the ISO and change the shutter speed according to your needs. But it depends on the android version of your smartphone.


  • Creating an animated gif image
  • You can use focus and exposure in different areas
  • Brush mode feature - give the option to control
  • Clicking 20 photos at a time
  • Material design interface
    Best Android Camera App

#8.Candy Camera

Best Android Camera App
  A very large range of its filters, frames, and sticker option make this camera app is very special. The most interesting fact about Candy Camera is that before taking a picture you can see how the picture is seen in a different filter. You have to only slide your finger on the screen to see how the picture looks in the available filter. After clicking a picture, more features such as stickers like in Instagram, different frames and post-processing filters will be available to decorate your photos. It is designed to be equivalent to Instagram. However, it is better than Instagram in many ways, such as editing and filtering of photos.


  • It has slimming whitening and more beauty functions
  • Huge filter library
    Best Android Camera App

#9.Open camera

Best Android Camera App
As in a name open, the open camera app is completely free and featured an android phone app. It is a lightweight Android app.

some of its feature:

  • It has focus mode, scene mode
  • It supports HD video recording
  • It has handy remote control
  • Support for an external microphone
  • Auto stabilizer
    Best Android Camera App


Best Android Camera App
In today's era if you are not captured selfie you are rare in the world. Now with the fashion trends, selfies have become a trend that does not change. Retica is one of the best android camera apps to captured selfie. It is good rated on google play store.


  • Beautiful photos, collages, videos, and even Gifs can also be made
  • Lots of real-time filters
  • Instantly you can share your favorite on social media
    Best Android Camera App


  • This best android camera app series is not in order of preference. You choose any one as per your needs.
  • This android camera app does not support all version of android operating system.
  • In this series of android camera app some are free and some are paid app.
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