How to earn money from instagram (June 2019)

Earn Money From Instagram 

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           You want to earn money from Instagram then you are at the right place. We will provide a comprehensive guide to earn money from Instagram so let's start-
            In today' era earning money online is not so easy. To make money online you have to stay consistent, be patient and make strategies and implement it properly. There are lots of sources available to earn money online, but one of the best sources is to earn money through Instagram. To make money from Instagram you have followed some strategies and implement it in a proper way. one of the important parts of strategies is having enough Instagram follower (How to increase Instagram follower organically). You have to build your audience who trust you. It is a long process. You cannot get overnight success in making money online.
How to earn money from instagram (June 2019)
You should know the brand will expect the strong and loyal following in order to build a working partnership. If you are lacking this department there are few simple ways to increase you an Instagram follower.

What to do to attract follower:

1)Bio will be attractive and filled with the right information

This includes your contact number, Email address. You also use proper keyword and proper hashtag which helps to find your account right kind of follower. Like as tech blogger leave its blog link and in contact

2)Make engagement with your follower

You have to build a good relationship with your follower. To making the relationship you should comment and like on his post. Reply to his story and always encourage them with your comment.

3)Post regularly 

Post your business related some kind of photos, videos. But be warned don't post at a time its actually work against you. Just be sure that you are posting one quality photo at a time in a day.

4)Post quality photos

Make sure you post quality and attractive photos and ensure that you should use a watermark on your post.

5)Use relevant hashtag

It is not possible to to make more impression on your post without the hashtag. A relevant hashtag can boost your post and spread as you can't think. You have to find relevant hashtag and implement in your post.
Copleting above steps then you can ready to earn money, so lets start-

Best ways to earn money from Instagram:

1)Affiliate marketing:

What is Affiliate marketing? 
      Affiliate marketing is promoting an online product. Suppose we said to the customer about any mobile phone which is available on a product selling companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. And if this customer buys that mobile phone via our link which is called affiliate link then we get a commission to sell the product. you can get a different commission on a different product.
      To do affiliate marketing you have to create affiliate marketing account. There are lots of guides on the internet on how to create an affiliate account. We will suggest you create an Amazon affiliate account because it provides great commission and there is no issue on withdrawing payment. Also, Flipkart and eBay is a great option to do affiliate marketing.

How to do Affiliate marketing registration?
Note: You have a website or youtube channel to approve affiliate account.
   It,s so easy to create an affiliate account. Firstly you have to register on any E-commerce site which you want. 
Suppose you have to create an affiliate account on Flipkart follow the step below-

  • Open the Flipkart site.
    How to earn money from instagram (June 2019)
  • Click on sign up button 
  • Filling the detail like as account detail, website detail, payment detail, account setting. After some time or some day you get an email of affiliate account approval. Then you start to promote the product using affiliate links.

How to make an affiliate link?
How to earn money from instagram (June 2019)

          To create affiliate link you have to search any product that you want to promote then copy its link then log in your affiliate account, you will see affiliate link generator by entering the link of the product you get an affiliate link. Using this link you can sell products and earn a commission. 

2)Create a sponsored post

    If you have lots of followers on Instagram then posting sponsor post and sponsor video you can earn money. I think it is the best way to earn money by using Instagram. For that, you have to post a sponsor brand-related posts.
     For the Instagram influencer, is best. Here only you have to create your account and then you can send a request to sponsor brand.

3) Sell your photos

         Lots of people having the habit of photography. When they will going to tour they will click lots of photos of nature, special moments using his camera. If you like photography and you have a great collection of photographs then it is a great option to earn money using Instagram.
        You can do advertising of posting those photos on your account. One thing always keeps in mind when posting a photo you should draw watermark on your photo. In the description, you always write your name and contact number. Using that information buyer contact with you. Also posting a product photo and writing a link in the description box you can promote the product, It is part of affiliate marketing as described above.

4)Selling Instagram account

    If you have lots of follower on Instagram then by you can sell your Instagram account at a really good price and earn money. How much money you will get depend on your number of Instagram followers. More the Instagram follower more the money you can earn.

How much money you can make from Instagram?

   It totally depends on your skill and your follower. If you apply four strategies which are listed above then we are guaranteed that you will get more money.


   Earn money online not so easy. It is a time-consuming process. We will always recommend that you will always start earning money online as a second option or part-time job when you will able to get more money than your full-time job then you will take the primary preference to earn money online. Also before starting earning money online, you have to do lots of research how can you earn money online? read best blogs about online earning, watch you tube video, read forums, then decide your strategies and implement it properly. If you follow this you will be able to make money online.
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