Top feature of Android Nougat

Android Nougat

top feature of Android nougat

The Final Build of Android 7.0 Nougat is officially rollout in 2016. Firstly, the latest Nexus device will be made available to Google's latest smartphone operating system. Updates have been added to many new features in Android. There has been an attempt to improve the old interface. After update, the use of Android phones for the user will change. There is also a claim that after the arrival of this operating system, the battery life and performance of the phone will be better than before.

According to the official Android blog, more than 250 new features have been provided in the Android 7.0 knot. Let's face some of them.

Special feature of Android Nougat:

1. Multi-window

After the Milto-Window support arrives, users will be able to run two apps at once. Even the size of the windows can be changed, just the dividers have to be dragged. We have seen this feature before. Many smartphone makers have made this feature part of their handset. However, this feature will largely depend on your personal needs. If you have a 6 inch display phone then it will prove to be effective.

2. Direct reply to notifications

The notification center of Android is also being completely changed. The new template is being used so that the notification will emerge. There will also be an option to reply directly with this. With this help you will be able to answer text or chat messages directly from the Notification Center.

3. Quick Settings

Now users will be able to access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and flashlight via single swipe. Now all the necessary shortcuts will be present in the notification shade. Apart from this, you can change the order of the icon to make up the shortcut to the app of your choice

4. Multi-locale support

Now you can select Multiple Locals by going to Settings. This will be used by the app to determine the content for you. It will be helpful for a user knowing many languages. For example, search engine results will be given to you in all the languages ​​you have already selected.

5. Better Battery Life

Last year, the feature of the DOS was added in Android, whose work was to save battery if the phone was not active. This feature has been updated in Android 7.0 no. Now it will be used and possible at places.

6. Fast and High Secure

The phone will run in safe mode with the help of new Direct boot mode. Apps do not run in Direct Boot mode. However, they can be set up for some components, such as scheduled alarms (alarm clock) or important notifications (messages), which will run in encrypted mode. This means that your device will startup faster

7. Better Performance

The Android 7.0 node will come with a new feature called Valkan. This is a cross-platform API designed for 3D graphics. It makes better use of the multi-core processor in the phone in gaming and other heavy applications. In such a situation, you can expect better performance. Apart from this, it is possible to optimize how to run apps in the background. This will save the RAM which will have positive effect on the handset's performance.

8. Virtual Reality

Android 7.0 nougat has been given VR mode through Google's Daydream. By the way, existing phones will not support Daydream. But in the coming days many phones will be equipped with the daytime feature. It has been learned that the headset and the controller will be made available by the end of the 
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