What is Android 1 | why Android 1 phone cost is low.

What is Android 1

Android 1 is not a software. This is a Google project. Android 1 is a Google program, where it creates high quality Android smartphones at a lower cost with partnership with phone companies. The Android 1 smartphone was first introduced to India, but then Google spread its special program to South America, including Asia, Africa. Google launched this phone globally, which wanted to take an Android phone in the range of 10,000 rupees, it was a better option for them.Now Google is looking to make something special in this series. He is thinking of putting everything in high quality phone i.e. middle-level phone in which you are working.

Before knowing Android 1 You should know:What is Android

What is Android 1 | why Android 1 phone cost is low.

Why was Android 1:

Android 1 strategy was launched a clear android that is without any interfare in software, Which can be more effective than earlier. Let us tell you that at the beginning of Android 1, Google had said that we will soon come to the phones of HTC, Alcatel Touch, Lenovo, Jolo, Panasonic, Lava, Intex etc. They will have different screen sizes, better features and colors. Their features and prices can now be higher than the Android 1phones.Now to understand- 

What is Android 1, Why was Android 1:

  • Actually, the developed and emerging market of developing countries was a very special opportunity for Google.
  • Apart from this, it was also a special purpose for everybody in every section of the society through Android 1 to mobilize the Internet. Middle class people know about the Internet due to Android 1.
  • In addition to all these things, Google wanted to promote its revenue through the Android 1 program. Google has also succeeded in this.
  • Google wanted to provide its user low-end hardware and high-end software in Android smartphone experience.
  • Google has worked with Micromax, Carbon, Spice, Mito and many other manufacturers to build a phone under a fixed budget. However Google completed the minimum standard of quality and performance set by other manufacturers.
  • This is the most satisfying Android phone in this range experience by the user.
  • This phone gave the speed too low with low spec. Even after so many merits, this phone did not succeed in making a different identity in the market. Apart from poor marketing, there were also some reasons for this. Like this phone there were some drawbacks too.

What is the special feature of the Android 1 program:

Android 1 has latest feature which is Artificial intelligence given in the phone, which is inbuilt from Google. Due to AI the Android 1 phone is working according to condition. For example if battery power become low then it automatically on battery saver and start working in smart way. Apart from this, on and off the running app in background, on priority basis. Besides, when the phone is in a pocket or bag, the phone uses very little battery. According to the company, phones under the Google Android program are the most secure. Google just preloads the needy app for user. It is important to note that you can not download any other apps in these 
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