What is Android OREO | Top feature of Android O.

What is Android OREO/O?

Android Oreo is technically the 8.0 version of the operating system. Many features with Android Orio such as Picture-In-Picture mode (through which the user will be able to resize and move a video in a small window above another app). Imagine that you will be able to watch videos even when you are texting with your friends. Apart from this, Google is also trying to create customized channels for any type of notification, this feature will be called 'Notification Channel'.

Android oreo|feature of android O

In addition, the notification badges are also coming in the app. This will allow users to see all notifications coming in from the app icon on the home screen. However, through a new feature "snoozing", the user will be able to see the notification at a reasonable time later.

What is Android oreo?

The new update will also make the boot speed even better The company claimed that while the time it takes to switch from the phone switch to the home screen, it will double in Google pixel phones. Google is also simplifying the process of logging in different apps, just as the autofill feature available in the website is available in the app itself. There will also be a long-awaited Android Instant app, which can be accessed via browser rather than install.

As Google said at the Developer Conference organized this year, Android O or Android Oreo will be released to give a better user experience in the phone. Please tell that Android OS was first introduced in Google IO. The company had specifically stated that the company is focusing on improving battery life.
What is Android oreo?

Features of Android OREO

1. Music quality on Orio Superb:

The quality of music on Android Oreo will make you feel surrounded by listening to surround sound. The reason is that due to the Sony's LDAC Codec in Donation, the sound that is played on Android Orio will generate great audio quality in a much smaller memory weight.

2.The camera app will be more fun:

Google, the Android device used on Android, is busy making the app even more fun and powerful. Users will now be able to zoom 50 percent on one click on Android Orio. In addition, the camera app would have given a button to interchange the photo and video mode separately, while still users swap the camera mode.

3.Control on the Banking App:

Android Oreo will make the smartphone's performance and battery life better than ever before. The reason is that Oryo will keep tremendous control over the app running in the smartphone's background, which will make phone speed and battery life better than ever.

4.Picture in Picture mode: 

Another unique addition to this Android update is that you will be able to get 'Picture in Picture Mode'. Actually the same feature of Android 8.0 will attract people to it. With this help, you will be able to minimize video in a small window while watching a video on the phone and do other things. This feature is in YouTube, but you need to continue YouTube Red.

5.App Notifications and Dots FEATURES:

Users on Android Oreo can easily manage app notifications for different apps. They do not have to do the same settings from the phone's normal notification option. Apart from this, the app will show dots on the icon of the app in which notification will be in the waiting.

6.AutoFill or Smart Selection:

AutoFill feature has been given in Android 8.0, which will allow the system to have Autofill API and the system will be able to provide autofill form and password. Password manager like LastPass will also be able to work. There will also be facility of smart text selection in Orio, with the help of which the system will automatically check the phone number or an address itself. With this, an additional clipping option will be available along with the usual cut copy.

7.Change the icon size and style:

App icons appearing on Android phones were of the same size as of now, but on Android Orio the user will now see very new icons with new designs.

8.Keyboard Navigation will be fantastic:

Google believes that most users prefer to use keyboards for navigation between different apps or between different apps. Therefore, Android Oreo has fast navigation with tab buttons and arrows, which will make the user easy.

9.High-quality colors will appear in the image app:

In Google's Android OS, the quality of colors in the overall application of the image is much better than ever. Adding standard color profiles, such as Adobe RGB and Pro Photo RGB, Google Android smartphones are poised to make picture quality even more vulnerable.

10.High Boot Time: 

Boot Time in Android 8.0 is faster than older Android updates. Where before the update, Google pixels have a total of 50 seconds to boot, the same system boots in just 18 seconds after the update. This proves that this update of Android will work faster for its users than the previous update.

11.Setting Option:

In Android 8.0 the design of the setting option has been redone. Although special changes have not been made, the look has changed. Its Wi-Fi setting is kept with network and others, and unnecessary options have been removed. Only the settings that may be required in new updates are kept. There is a new thing in this setting, which will allow you to weld with the help of WiFi. In the WiFi option of setting you will see the option of 'Wii Wielping', which you will be able to use to calculate.

12.Google Play Music Notification:

In this update, the music notification size has been reduced, though its look has been attractive with it. When listening to music on the phone, the notification color itself will change itself. This way, along with regular playback, your music notifications will appear in different types of colors, which are going to be very attractive.

13.Google Play Protect: 

Google Play Protect is given in Android 8.0. So if you download the APK file application from your favorite sites in your phone or you want to install a third-party application on your phone, then you can feel free to do so in Android 8.0. This will not do anything to your system because your phone will have Google Play 
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