What is Tik Tok? | How does Tik-Tok work?


In this post we make comprehensive explanation on What is Tik Tok? and How does tik tok work? And also explain why government of india want to banned tik tok.
       Tik Tok is an app in which people make small videos and share them. Tik-Tok craze has increased significantly in India for the past few years. In this, people share videos by making video on songs, film dialogues. People are earning money through tik-tok. Earlier it was Famous by the name of Musicaly but later it was named Tik-Tok.
what is Tik-Tok?

What is Tik Tok


What is Tik Tok?

                Tik-Tok is a social media application through which mobile phone users can create and share small videos (up to 15 seconds). Tik-Tok was launched by Chinese company "Byte Dance" in September 2016. In 2018 it spread rapidly among the people and in 2018 this became the most downloaded application in America. Its popularity can also be estimated that it was downloaded more than 100 million in India and according to a report of the Economic Times, about 20 million Indians use this application every month.
                 Apart from this, only 8 million people in India have written this review on the Play Store, and the surprising thing is that it is being used more in the village and children of eight-ten years also have Tik-Tok for fun.

On the Play Store, Tik-Tok has been defined as following:

              There is no simple way to make small videos from Tik-Tok Mobile. There is no artificiality in it, it is real and it has no limitations. Whether you are brushing or making breakfast at 7:45 in the morning, wherever you are you can tell your story to the world in 15 second.
             Your life gets more fun with Tik-Tok. You live every moment of life and look for something everytime. You can post your video with new color, special effect filters, beauty effects, funny emoji stickers and music.

Some special thing about Tik-Tok 

  • You can not use your voice while making a video with a tik-tok. You have to move only your lips.
  • While receiving blue tick it means popular account on Facebook and Twitter, it is important for ordinary people to get their name verified, but the number of users with a fixed account on Tik-Tok is very large.
  • People who has 'Orange Tick' in account they are known as 'Popular Creator'. Also, seeing the account also shows how many 'Hearts' the user has received, i.e. how many viewer have liked his video so far.
What is TIK-TOK?  

How does tik-tok work? - 

In this application, a common person creates his small video clip and shares it with the logo. This video contains photos of the common man but the voice is of some celebrity.
To use this app, install this app on your phone, choose your favorite scene or voice or comedy, and do the lipsing on the sound with the act and share it with the logo as soon as the video gets updated.

Top Reason - Indian government want to banned Tik-Tok in India:

               The Madras High Court ordered the central government to ban the app because of access to porn content. People said that because of the tik-tok pornography is spreading in the society, youths continue to make tik-tok videos all day long after leaving studies and getting fame. Now this app has been banned in India after the order of the Madras High Court. Now you can not download it from Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Apart from this, there are several such cases which are the reasons for this app being banned.

These are the reasons for banning Tik-Tok

  • A recent incident had surfaced in which a 19-year-old boy, Mohammed Salman, died of the shooting. Actually, Salman's friend S0hail Malik was making a tik-tok video with a native gun and accidentally shot him on Salman. According to the reports, this incident happened on the night of April 13. Since then people's anger has increased greatly due to the tik-tok.
  • It was only in the beginning of February that news came that three friends were making tik-tok videos while running scooters in Tamil Nadu. During this time, he was collided with the bus, in which one died.
  • At the same time in Punjab, a boy died while making a tik-tok video. The boy was trying to climb the tractor running for the tik-tok video. But suddenly his foot slipped and he came under the tractor which caused him to die.
  • A young man was making a video on the app and accidentally bitten his throat. The incident is from Chennai. According to the reports, the boy was making a video in which he had to do only that he was cutting his throat. But by mistake, the truth was cut off, and all this was recorded in the video. The video shows how the boy is trying to stop the blood and he also tried to stop the recording. But eventually he died due to throat cut.

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