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How to make android phone run faster?

When you first buy your android device you are really impress with its performance speed and its look.

But eventually, as the time passes by and the device is become old its effect can be visualized in its performance. 

No matter whether it relies on on under the category of high end or low end, every device starts lagging in its performance over some period of time. 

This may be noticed when apps take a longer duration to respond from the time it was tapped. They do not perform with the same speed as they used to. 

But this doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the device and you keep moving with the same. You can try out some tips mentioned in this article in order to fasten up your device as before.

Understanding the problem:

The first and very important thing to know before proceed towards any solution is the exact cause of the problem and the same is applied over here. 

First, you must know the exact reason for the lagging of your devices as if it is due to an app, multiple apps, or the system itself?

For this, you need to have the analysis of CPU load time for individual cores, an overview of network traffic, RAM usage. This analytic can be made with the help of the Trepn Profiler and you can in brief about it from here.
 How to make android phone run faster

Once you know the reason behind the problem you can easily get rid of it. Simply follow the steps given below.

First, we shall see the easy-to-do steps to smoothen up your device. These steps do not require any external apps.

Step 1: 

Updating your device firmware helps in fixing some of the error, adds new specification and sought out any other issues you are unaware of.  Since updating the handset fixes any issues, the optimum performance of your device is assured.

Step 2:  

Internal memory storage plays a important role in the performance of any device. Your phone could experience lagging due to low internal memory too.  So, by moving your data from internal storage to external memory will be very effective.

Step 3:

Before heading to this step, assure that you back up all your important data. Resetting of Android device brings it back to its original condition, as you received packed in the box, i.e. it erases everything you have stored in your phone and gives you a brand new one.  This is termed as a temporary process and it shows the same behavior again when you start using it.

Step 4: 

Usually android users download lots of apps and games which they use for two-three times and forget about it. This leads to the lagging of the device. So uninstalling unused applications can help you speed up the performance of your device.

Step 5: 

The last step which is mostly not preferred by many of the users as it is a risky process is rooting your Smartphone. But nowadays rooting a phone is not as risky as it used to be. Rooting example for one the device is given over here.  Similarly, you can root your device too.

All these were simple steps to speed up your device without the use of any third-party app. These steps often work but are a temporary solution. So we can even opt for some external app that prevents your phone from lagging.

LagFIx App:

The name itself intimates the purpose of the app.  How does it work? When you are trying to perform some tasks, this app gets activated and informs the devices memory controller about the availability of the free memory blocs that can be brought in the use to write the data at the current moment. 

Besides, when you don’t have this app installed, the memory controller asks the system regarding free storage blocks and waits for a while until the answer is received which results in the lagging of the system.  So try out this app and get pleased with the result you achieve. You can download it from here. It is available paid and free below are free.
 How to make android phone run faster

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