How to mount USB OTG drive on android device

How to mount USB OTG drive on android device

How to mount USB OTG drive on android device
How to mount USB OTG drive on android device

             Many of you might be using your Smartphone for purposes like making calls, chatting, photos and all. It itself is a miniature computer in its own aspect. Previously phones were provided with USB slots to connect the device with other device and transfer files and documents. But today’s high-end devices are not provided with such facilities, still most of it can be done with these devices. You can convert your devices into host and transfer files, pictures and many more from other USB devices like USB flash drives, digital cameras and many more without limiting yourself to laptop or PC to transfer them to your handsets. So the first question that can arise is how can I do it? Well let’s check out the measures to be taken to connect your device to other USB devices.

Beforehand preparation:

Things that you need to have before giving a start to the process are:
  • For this you need to have a rooted device first.
  • Next important thing that you will need is the USB OTG cable with a male microUSB connector to female full size USB port.
So as we come across the term USB OTG, let’s know what is it actually and the main purpose of using it?


It is an abbreviation for USB On-The-Go, is generally an app that allows the USB devices like mobile, or audio players to connect with other USB devices like keyboard, flash drive.

You can mount pen drives or flash disk, i.e. mass storage devices on your android device with the help of this app provided that your device must support host mode for it to function properly.

How to mount USB OTG?

To see how you can mount your android device with USB OTG let’s try out with USB flash drive. So you will be in need of two apps-one that mounts the flash drive and other one is a file explorer. Here we will be using ES File Explorer and StickMount.

  • In order to mount the drive tap on OK button after launching the StickMount. Also you can prefer automatic launch of this StickMount every time you connect the flash drive.

    • Now you can start up by connecting the OTG cable to your phone and then attach the USB flash drive.
    • To confirm the successful mounting of the drive an alert message is popped out along with the list of directories where your files are present in the file explorer app that has been downloaded.
    • That’s it. Your device has been mounted with USB OTG. To explore the files present in flash drive you can open the file explorer app and search for your flash drive name. Once you find it, tap it and you can find all the files contained in it.


    With the help of USB OTG mounting you can end up loading things like movies, photos, music’s and many more on the flash drive without actually downloading them to your device’s internal memory.
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