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5 Best Messaging Apps

A normal text SMS is quickly becoming past particularly in the presence of easy to use messaging apps. Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, line, Telegram, Hike and other apps which offers free text messaging.

These apps have gained popularity as they provide number of unique features like free text message, audio message, sharing of media files and much more with your loved ones.

Using messaging Android apps we should easily communicate with our friends and relatives easily.

In this post we should provide 5 best messaging apps in our list. Check out our best messaging apps.

#5 WeChat

 Best Messaging App

WeChat provide its users with free instant messaging, group chat, voice and video calls, images, videos, stickers and audio messaging feature.

The app is available for android, iOS for free and in total consists of more than 438 million users with more than 70 million users outside from china.

The app also provide features such as friend radar, nearby people and shake to find new people nearby to chat. It consume low data.

Special Launched Feature
Wechat launched a new feature for the security purpose. These features will identify the news reports in the users' accounts. And then the news will analyze the Chinese censors, police or media officials, so that if they tell him a fake, the users will be notified.
 Best Messaging App

#4 Skype 

 Best Messaging App

Microsoft’s Skype is the best messaging app and popular for video and voice call functionality. Skype is available in all 3 top Operating system platforms, android, windows, and iOS.

Along with voice and video call features, the app provides instant messaging feature too. The app allows you to send text, short video message and photos to other Skype users even when they are not present online.

Additionally, you can earn skype credits and use them to make phone calls to mobile phones and landlines.
 Best Messaging App

#3 Facebook messenger

 Best Messaging App

Facebook is the top social networking app which have launched its own messaging application, Facebook messenger. The application is available for android, windows and iOS operating system.

Facebook messenger app builds on Facebook’s existing chat network adding up extra mobile messaging features.

 Users need to sign up with their Facebook user id and password and then they can easily send and receive text and audio messages and also can do voice calls with other Facebook messenger users.

Android users experience amazing “chat heads” feature that pops up on the screen which allows you to chat even when other apps are on screen.
 Best Messaging App

#2 Viber

 Best Messaging App

Viber another most popular messaging app available for Android, iOS, and windows for free of cost. The application is easy to set up and it uses your phone number as your login id followed by syncing with your phone in order to help you to find out contacts using the Viber app.

You can send text, voice, stickers, emoticons, video messages, and photos for free to other Viber contacts. There is a Viber out feature that allows you to call non-Viber numbers worldwide.

 Best Messaging App

#1 WhatsApp

 Best Messaging App

When talking about the best and popular messaging app, a list is incomplete without mentioning WhatsApp. WhatsApp is considered as one of the best messaging app and the top-rated messaging app which is available for all the operating systems, Android, iOS, and windows for free download followed by $0.99/year.

The app is easy to set up and automatically syncs your phone’s contact numbers followed by providing amazing built-in features making it widely the most popular mobile messaging app.

Users can send text, voice, photos, WhatsApp call, and short videos to their other WhatsApp contacts. You can get lots of WhatsApp images, WhatsApp wallpapers, WhatsApp status, WhatsApp quotes and much more that can be shared with your friends and loved ones.

 Best Messaging App

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